Hey Guys–I’m Will and I currently live in the suburbs of New York along with my dog, Shelby (For all of you Boxer lovers out there!). Besides my lil Shelby, I have an amazing, supportive and beautiful girlfriend who supports me when I’m down, helps me achieve my goals in life and always showers me with compliments. She always tells me “I am your #1 fan!” and to me, that means the world!

PS: I love cars – especially 911 GT3 Porsches!

My Story

I came to the United States when I was 9 years old and lived with my parents in Queens, New York. I graduated High School towards the end of my 18th birthday but never got around to going to college. To be completely honest, I was never one for school because I never liked it. As a kid, I was always cutting class and partying with my friends but luckily I made it with a diploma.

Throughout my life after high school, I’ve had a series of odd-end jobs which I’ve always been fired from.The last job I had, I was laid off in 2001 because of the World Trade Center catastrophes. Along with thousands of others during that period of economic pressure, I was laid off with 6-months of unemployment benefits. Oh boy – here we go, laid off once again…

So there I was, alone, living at home with my Mother at the time and laid off with very little money saved up. I had to do something quick and it meant making a choice to never work again for the rest of my life. In my search for self discovery, I went to Buy.com and purchased “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” and after reading this book, my outlook on business and life changed – suddenly, I had a major paradigm shift. The decision to never work again seemed like a reality – what did I have to lose?

Long story short – it took me about 3-4 months to start my online drop-ship business selling sunglasses on the web. Using the principles I learned from the book, reading a lot more books on the subject of business and finance, I was able to gross millions of dollars from my online businesses within 10 years from the date I first began.

In 2010, my web sites were severely penalized with the Google Panda & Penguin updates and then I decided that it was time for me to shift focus. This shift in focus meant that from now on, my attention and focus would go towards influencing and inspiring new and seasoned entrepreneurs on the subjects of Entrepreneurship, success and motivation. Today, I have sold all of my businesses and I am working towards my new passion – to inspire you to become your best!

My art which consists of — Podcasts, books, Entrepreneurship programs and anything else I create now and into the future all come from my experiences, hardships and past failures. Unlike other bloggers, I rarely find inspiration in magazines and existing publications so that I can come here and write to you. Instead,  my articles and Podcasts are from my experiences.. my failures … and.. my triumphs.

Therefore, you’re getting the real me – raw and uncut! This is who I am and this is what I have to offer. Want to hear my detailed personal story? Then check out my first podcast where you can get to know me a whole lot better.

Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value.” ~ Albert Einstein


Best Regards,

William Shaker

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